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Overcoming PPC Challenges and Boosting Conversions - SEMpress Digital Client Case Study

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Client Background

Our client was facing a significant challenge in their PPC advertising campaigns. They had two campaigns targeting different locations but with similar keyword targets. Over time, they observed a disturbing trend: increasing CPCs (Cost Per Click) and CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) coupled with a decline in conversions and conversion rates. Despite extensive efforts in optimizing their campaigns, including sifting through search term reports for negative keywords, they were unable to reverse the downward performance trajectory. The client realized that their main keyword targets were becoming more competitive, directly impacting CPCs. Pausing the keywords wasn't a viable solution, and they needed a fresh approach to turn the tide.

Overcoming PPC Challenges

Identifying the Problem

At SEMpress Digital, we meticulously analyzed the client's campaigns to identify the underlying issues causing the declining performance. It became evident that the increasing competitiveness of the main keyword targets was driving up CPCs, while conversions and conversion rates suffered. Merely focusing on negative keywords and low-hanging fruit was not yielding the desired results. We needed to go beyond conventional tactics to overcome this challenge.

Creative Problem-Solving with Simple Principles

Instead of following the same path, we decided to take a step back and revisit the foundational principles and best practices of PPC advertising. It was time to leverage our creativity to apply simple yet effective strategies to address the client's concerns. We devised a plan to create a test ad group specifically targeting the main keyword targets that were driving up costs. We transferred the highest performing ad assets and refreshed the client's ad copy to align with the new approach.

Applying PPC Best Practices

To support our claim, we implemented several PPC best practices during this optimization process:

Keyword Dense Headlines and Descriptions

We revisited the ad copy and ensured that the headlines and descriptions contained relevant, high-traffic keywords. This helped improve the ads' visibility and relevance to potential customers.

Keyword Research in Target Areas

We conducted thorough keyword research focused on the target areas to identify high-traffic keywords that may have been overlooked previously. By expanding our keyword portfolio, we aimed to capture a broader audience and increase the chances of conversions.

Optimizing Landing Page Copy

We realized that the landing page experience played a crucial role in improving conversion rates. By enhancing the landing page copy and aligning it with the ad messaging, we aimed to provide a seamless and relevant user experience from click to conversion.

Results and Success

Within just one week of implementing these targeted strategies, the client started experiencing significant improvements. Conversions began to increase, while costs started to decrease. The client's PPC campaigns were back on track, delivering better results and driving the desired outcomes.

This case study exemplifies the power of creativity blended with the application of foundational PPC principles. While it's essential to think outside the box when problem-solving, sometimes the most effective solutions lie in revisiting the basics.

At SEMpress Digital, we take a holistic and strategic approach to address our clients' challenges. By understanding their unique circumstances, leveraging best practices, and remaining agile in our strategies, we help our clients achieve remarkable results. Contact SEMpress Digital today and let us optimize your PPC campaigns to maximize your business's growth potential.

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